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All-sky imager-based solar power forecasting system for smart-grid operation














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Title: All-sky imager-based solar power forecasting system for smart-grid operation

Acronym: ASIFOR

Project duration: November 2020- June 2022

Funding: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS/CCCDI – UEFISCDI



The main objective of this project consists in the improvement of PV plant output power forecasts, on the road to a smart-grid management. This is planned to be achieved by developing an innovative forecasting tool (ASIFOR) based on tracking the state-of-the-sky using all-sky imager data. The tool consists of three distinctive devices: (1) The computational module, where the forecasting applications developed within this project are implemented and which real-time controls the forecasting process. (2) The PV plant monitoring module which provides radiometric and meteorological data measured in-situ, data required for running the forecasting applications and (3) The state-of-the-sky monitoring module which quantifies and forecasts the relative position of the Sun and clouds by sky image processing taken with a digital fisheye camera. ASIFOR is planned to be developed at a trial product stage TRL4 (the “ugly” prototype in terms of TRL) and validated on the Solar Platform of the West University of Timisoara. The proof of the ASIFOR concept is ensured by the recent results of our team obtained in various domains related to the forecasting of the PV energy production, such as the development of enhanced models for solar resources. The novelty of this proposal is the insertion into the forecasting statistical procedures of the probability that the Sun will be covered or not by clouds, as result from the direct observation of the sky. The impact of the project results can be evaluated on minim four levels: (1) scientific (improving the forecasting accuracy); (2) economical (notable contribution to ensuring the grid stability, accurate forecasts will enable the computers to take control actions for balancing the power grid); (3) technical (a new forecasting tool); (4) practical (the project timely comes to meet the needs of the PV operators).

Last update 10.07.2022